Obama wants to go off the Fiscal Cliff so badly, let him jump but without a GOP provided parachute…

The next couple of weeks will be very interesting.  The Conservative members of the House need to get hold of Boehner and prevent him from striking a bad deal.  A bad deal is defined as anything that caves on Republican principles while simultaneously allowing Obama to blame Congressional Republicans for everything bad that happens the next four years.  Is the attached too drastic?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Obama isn’t interested in negotiating people.  We are two months into Fiscal 2013 and already have a $300B deficit.  That is a $1.8T annual run rate.  Sickening.  Obama is a fraud.  Expose him.


So here’s where the ju-jitsu comes in. Use Obama’s strength against him. As the President and Congress approach the Fiscal Cliff, Republicans should back off and say, “Alright, you’re the President. You won the election. Go ahead and do whatever you want. Raise taxes, draw up more plans for big government, print more money, forget the deficit.”

Ron Paul has suggested such an approach and I agree with him completely.

Sure the economy will go into another four-year tailspin. Sure we’ll come to regard 7.5 percent unemployment as an improvement. But whatever happens, Obama will have to take the blame. Republicans may think that they’re rescuing small businesses and protecting job creators by standing tall on taxes but they are only putting their heads in the noose. Whatever compromise they are able to wring out of the President will become the basis for blaming Republicans for the failures of the next four years.

The President has survived his first four years by blaming everything on George Bush. Now he is planning to blame the next four years on Congressional Republicans. The time has come to use his own heft against him. Let Obama go flying off the Fiscal Cliff all by himself. He will crash-land and when he does, Republicans will be left standing on the high ground.


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