This really can’t be about funding the Government for 8 days.. can it?

No, it isn’t.  Nothing here has anything to do with deficit reduction.  Period.  Over the last couple of weeks, I have tried to lay out rational arguments around the Fiscal Cliff discussions.  The GOP leadership has sought middle ground for negotiating with the President during these so called negotiations.  Here is the problem ladies and gentlemen.   Negotiations only work when your opponent is rational.  Obama is not.  Further, Obama isn’t negotiating.  He is trying to destroy the GOP and transform America.

The Republican House of Representatives is currently the last line of defense against Obama’s Marxist agenda.  What else would you call state control of retirement, healthcare and redistribution tax policies?  Obama is clearly trying to siphon money from productive parts of the economy and transfer that to his union backed public sector supporters.  Investment in teachers plays well at the local PTA but in reality it is little more than a transfer of funds from the RNC to the NEA and SIEU.

There is no economic justification for demanding rates go up on the top 2%. None.   All that money can be generated from alternatives on the table.  How easy would it be to find $80B of cuts per year in a $3.7T budget? Answer VERY easy.  Don’t believe me.  Type out the Zero’s…


Less $80,000,000,000

Equals $3,620,000,000,000

We would still be borrowing over $1T from China and/or printing money via the treasury to fund the annual deficit.  Got Inflation?

Obama’s plan offered no spending cuts.   The fiscal cliff exists because we have a debt crisis caused by out of control, unfunded entitlement spending.  The original debate began as a way of  getting costs under control.  Obama’s offer captures $1T of cuts ALREADY agreed to and another $800B in war savings that were NEVER budgeted.  In short – NO CUTS.  $1.6T in taxes.  He actually threw in new stimulus spending.

Why?  To advance his Marxist agenda.  He wants the GOP in a Civil War.  He wants them to cave on their principles so he can extract more later.  He wants to undermine their support with the Tea Party because he knows how dangerous that grass roots movement is to his plans to transform America.

The current debate is really about protecting your personal liberty – no matter which side of the aisle you’re on.  Unfortunately, those on the left are not only very comfortable with handing over their liberty to Obama, they also want to force you to hand over yours.  What else do you call the confiscation of personal property to fund someone else’s agenda?  What else do you call mandatory participation in a medical system or face punishment and fines?  What else do you call an educational system that traps children in under performing schools to protect union membership?

No need to think. The Government can tell you what car to drive, what to eat, where to go to school, where to go if you get sick and where to die if it’s too expensive to cure you.

Pull the curtains back.  Obama has been allowed the moral high ground hiding behind terms like ‘fairness’ and ‘investments’.   In reality, it is simply wealth redistribution on a massive scale.  This must end.  He is tearing the fabric of this nation.  People, his mentors were self-proclaimed communists, socialists, domestic terrorists and radicals.  Look it up or simply read our archives.

He hides behind the 2%.  Only those people will see their taxes go up.  They can afford it.  Uh huh.  He is already soaking the middle class.  You just don’t recognize it.  Social Security, Long term Unemployment, Food stamps, Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid are enormous transfers of wealth from the young to the old; from the middle class to the looter class; from the private sector to unions.  There is a fundamental difference between caring for those who can’t care for themselves and creating a dependent nanny state funded by future generations.  He uses soaring rhetoric to mask his true intentions.  He uses the term “Middle Class” when he really means “Proletariat”.


Time to pull back the covers.  Obama has no desire to resolve the fiscal cliff.  His real goal is to remove the last obstacle to his power grab.  The more money that flows to Washington, the more power the ruling elite amass and the more dependent the public becomes on the nanny state.  Period.

Reagan warned us of this.

(See an earlier post

The sooner we stop arguing about taxing the rich and start arguing FOR our REPUBLIC the better off we and our children will be.

– Tincup9



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