The worlds easiest economics test

Option 1.  I realize I maxed out my credit card, that I am just barely making the minimum monthly interest payments, adding 5-10% new debt annually and don’t have the income prospects to ever pay down this debt, but hey, I need another extension on my credit line to prove I am credit worthy so I can keep borrowing and spending.


Option 2.  Damn, I am spending way too much money compared to what I earn and have racked up a lot of debt.  If I don’t get control of my spending soon and pay off some of these bills, not only won’t I be able to get more loans, I could be in bankruptcy.  The economy sucks so my income is likely to be flat for a while. I better stop picking up the tab for everyone else and prioritize my personal spending.

Option 1 – Obama

Option 2 – Tea Party


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