Reagan Tried to Warn Us about Obama and his plan to spread Socialism

Follow the link, Read the entire article, but if you read nothing else – please read this.  Ronald Reagan uttered this warning almost 50 years ago.

“The socialists’ ultimate tool was the progressive tax. “A basic point to remember,” Reagan said, “is that none of these extensions of socialism can be effected without money.”

“Once we were told the income tax would never be greater than 2 percent, and that only from the rich,” said Reagan. “In our lifetime, this law has grown from 31 to more than 440,000 words. We have received this progressive tax direct from Karl Marx, who designed it as the prime essential of a socialist state.”

“There can be no moral justification of the progressive tax,” he said.

We have a tax machine that, in direct contravention of the Constitution, is not designed to solely raise revenue but is used, openly and admittedly, to control and direct the economy and to equalize the earnings of our people,” said Reagan.

“Governments don’t tax to get the money they need,” he said. “Governments will always find a need for the money they get.”

“Here is the main battleground!” declared the man who would become the greatest president of the 20th century. “We must reduce the government’s supply of money and deny it the right to borrow.”

Reagan made an alarming argument: Americans were slowly surrendering to socialism just as some socialists had predicted they would.

“Not too long ago,” Reagan said, “Norman Thomas, six times a candidate for president on the Socialist Party ticket, commented that ‘the American people would never knowingly vote for socialism but that under the name of liberalism, they would adopt every fragment of the socialist program.

Traditionally, one of the easiest first steps in imposing socialism on a people has been government-paid medicine,” said Reagan. “It is the easiest to present as a humanitarian project. No one wants to oppose care for the sick.”

Four years before Medicare was enacted and 50 years before Obamacare, Reagan explained how the left was already pushing for compulsory health insurance as an intermediate step toward complete government control of medicine.



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