An open letter to the President and Democrats

Mr. President,

I take great offense to your characterization of the fiscal problems currently facing the nation.   I take great offense to your characterization it is the fault of the producers, risk takers and Small Business Entrepreneurs that we have $1T annual deficits and a $16T National debt.  In reality, it is your (and historic Republican) prolific spending that has us in this mess.  It is Entitlement spending that has us  on the verge of a true fiscal cliff.  Nothing in your proposal alleviates that.  Your ‘solution’ is a political gimmick full of proven financial falsehoods.  It is beneath the office you hold, but apparently not beneath you.

Your definition of ‘fairness’ is an affront to personal liberty.  We were afforded life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in this country.  You have perverted that to the pursuit of other peoples property.  You are not qualified to determine what is fair for 300M people.  You were elected President, not God.  Further, fairness is playing by the same set of rules.  Equal opportunity.   The American Dream.  You define it as redistribution of the results based on an outcome that suits your reality.  My reality calls that stealing.

Your need is not a claim to someone else’s life.

Letting me keep my money is not a cost – The Government borrowing to spend money we don’t have is a cost.  It is generational theft.

Your arguments are intellectually dishonest and your true agenda hidden.  Your class warfare assault has nothing to do with deficit reduction and everything to do with wealth redistribution.  Redistribution as determined by an elite ruling class.   I would at least respectfully disagree with your argument if you just came out and were honest with the American people.  Instead, you lie.  Repeatedly.  You obfuscate – it is your native language.

The only one sticking the middle class with the bill is you Sir.

You were the one that bought food stamps, long term unemployment, healthcare and free birth control.  You were the one that raided Medicare and the Social Security trust fund.  You have been printing money to finance debt.  You did that.  Then you asked 51% of this country if they thought 5% of the country should pick up the tab.  How bold.  How responsible  What a vision.  The group that already pays a punitive portion of our nations taxes, the group that benefits least from your spending binge is given the bill.  Worse, you demonized them for their success.   I went to and paid for night school to earn my advanced degree to escape a low paying job I hated.  You enrolled as a foreign exchange student from Kenya to get a free education.

You are a radical in a suit.  Community organizing per your Alinsky rules is little more then pitting one American against another.  Dividing, not leading.  Spreading fear and hate.  Blaming a small minority for the troubles of others is the calling card of tyrants throughout history.

I find it insulting you are more willing to negotiate with terrorists than you are with GOP leadership.  I find it disheartening you use calming, moderate verbiage when talking about terrorists and terrorism yet you call anyone that disagrees with you, unpatriotic and much worse.  It’s vile.

Your favorite words are I, me, my – that is of course unless something goes wrong then you blame others a skirt accountability.

Despite our flaws, in full recognition of our troubled past, the United States remains the last, best hope on earth.  And you seek to fundamentally transform her.  Transform her into something less.  You have increased social dependence upon government through long term unemployment, food stamps, health care and executive orders.   You and your ruling elite live by one set of rules and impose another, more restricted set on the American people.  You have never seemed up to the job of President.  Always over your head, blaming others, calling things unprecedented.  No Sir, they weren’t.   The American Revolution, drafting the Constitution, The Civil War, WWI, the Great Depression, WWII were unprecedented.   Besides, unprecedented is in the job description.

Forcing Americans into a medical system they oppose, forcing religious institutions to violate their core beliefs, fundamentally altering the concept of a safety net to one of entitlement – that is not the moral high ground.  A wealthy nation should take care of those that can’t care for themselves but that begins with personal responsibility and accountability – not the government.

The Constitution is not a set of guidelines to be ignored when they inconvenience you.  It is the law of land.  You swore an oath to uphold it.

Your vision for America saddens me.

I and others like me are unashamed to patriotic.  Believing in American Exceptionalism.  Believing in the great experiment that is the United States of America.  A country that for over 200 years has been governed by the people and for the people.  That has been the largest greatest force of good in the history of the planet.  We believe Americans want to believe in America again – not government.   They want to talk about what is right and good about or nation versus what an elected few perceive to be wrong.  We still see America as Reagan did, as that shining city upon a hill.



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One response to “An open letter to the President and Democrats”

  1. mocgator says :

    Wow. Just Wow. Dead on. 100%

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