The GOP responds to Obama’s indecent proposal

Obama’s proposal was so poor, so off the mark, the GOP leadership actually had to ask Geithner if he was serious.  With 3 weeks to go before every American sees their tax rate go up, Obama decides to grand stand on a proposal that received no votes in either the House OR Senate last year.  He asked to increases taxes by $1.6T on ‘the rich’ without saying exactly how.  He asked for more stimulus.  He offered spending cuts that were ALREADY agreed to, maybe.  You could argue he took them off the table.   Then he asked for an unconstitutional power grab by requesting the power of the purse be moved to the White House.  Rumor is his proposal included the GOP leadership repaint the White House and wash and wax Air Force One every month.

Embarrassing.  Obama is betting he can extract a pound and a half of flesh from the GOP.  If we go off the cliff he wins.  He will get more taxes and blame the GOP or blackmail the GOP into re-instating the Bush Tax Cuts for the middle class and come off as a tax cutting President.  The irony must make him all warm inside.  Problem is the victory would be short lived as the economy would nose dive in a deeper recession and his legacy sealed.

Remember during the campaign I warned, Obama wanted to Conquer, not compromise.  Right now, he is going for the jugular.  It will either be the GOP’s or the American Tax Payer.  He doesn’t appear to care which, just so long as it is done in time for his tax payer funded 3 week Hawaiian vacation.

There was nothing balanced about his proposal.  Not that I expected it to be.  There is nothing fair about it either.  Who the hell are Obama and Reid to decide what is fair anyway?  Our tax code is punitive pure and simple and he wants to make it more so.  If you earn over $70K a year, you’re funding 70% of all Federal taxes.  50% of this country is riding for free.  Actually, they are being paid to ride.  It is sad so many of us need the government to think for us.  To decide what car we can drive.  What we can eat.  What our doctors can prescribe for us.  That isn’t liberty.  It’s Marxist.

Anyway, the GOP responded today with a compromise offer.  They claim they raise revenue without raising rates.  They do it through reforming the tax code and pro growth incentives.  I haven’t seen the plan yet, but so far so good.  They cut expenses $2T but fall short of entitlement reform.  To be expected.  I will accept any down payment on spending cuts.  They also sent a note along with it, politely telling the President he was full of crap and his offer insulting.  The House should vote immediately to extend the Budget Control Act by at least 3 months.  Have that ready for Crazy Harry and the Senate to vote on immediately.  They should also pass the bill the drafted today (assuming it’s as ‘good’ as it sounds) and have that on ready for Presidential signature of Veto.  Put failure on the Democrats.  We legislated.  You campaigned (and complained).

Most importantly, they need to negotiate in public with Television camera’s everywhere.  Get this guy on record.   Expose him to the American people.  Don’t let him change the conversation after the fact.  The alternative is to take the President’s plan (sans the ability to raise the debt ceiling without approval) and have the GOP vote ‘present’.  Let it pass w/o a single GOP vote.  Send it to the Senate and repeat.  Let him own it 100%.  Here you go Mr. President.  Debt and Recession just like you requested.  Deal with it.

I really don’t like that last option – it is more to illustrate a point.  Obama has gotten away with murder the past four years.  Now our Smugness-in-Chief is playing Russian roulette with our economy and children’s future for political points.   He uses the Constitution as guidelines’ versus the law of the land.  Time to take our Country back.

Link includes the letter to the President from GOP leadership:

House Republican leaders have made a counteroffer to President Obama in the fiscal cliff negotiations, proposing to cut $2.2 trillion with a combination of spending cuts, entitlement reforms and $800 billion in new tax revenue.

The leaders delivered the offer to the White House on Monday with a three-page letter signed by Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), and four other senior Republicans, including Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), the party’s just-defeated vice presidential nominee.


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