Obama seeks more taxes, no spending cuts

There is a simple truth in politics.  One Congress can not bind a future Congress to an action.  Meaning, this Congress can not pass future spending cuts.  Only a future Congress can do that.  They can pass new tax laws that will remain in effect until undone by a future Congress.  This is Obama’s plan.

Raise taxes now.  On the ‘wealthy’, which means small businesses and families earning over $250K a year.  Promise spending cuts in the future, which never materialize.  Forward to bankruptcy.

How does 51% of people voting to take money from 2% of the population equal a mandate to raise taxes?  Especially when exit polling had 63% of voters opposed to any tax increases and those same pesky voters returned a GOP majority to Congress?  In Obamaland that means you go from the $800B tax hike request that poisoned the last round of negotiations and you DOUBLE it, asking for $1.6T in tax increases.  Why?

Because you voted for him.  If he wins, he gets the higher taxes on the wealthy, closes loopholes on everyone and avoids almost all the spending cuts.

If he loses, defense is hit hardest by spending cuts but he gets across the board tax increases ON TOP of OBAMACARE.  2013 will be tragic for every American filing income tax.  But he doesn’t care.  He will blame the Republicans.  It is their fault.  More class warfare, more division.  More bitterness.  Same lack of leadership from the community organizer.  And make no mistake.  He will love the tax increases.  He will get to raise taxes on the middle class without actually having to sign the bill into law.  This is the progressive ideal.

You’re falling into his trap.  The 51% of you who thought you were voting to raise taxes on someone else.

51% of you voted for this mess.  3M Republicans stayed home and in effect validated this mess.

And no matter who wins, the American people will lose because this country will still not have faced the growing burden entitlements are putting on our country.



Until you hold him accountable, he will hold our finances hostage.


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