A Nation Adrift

Another truly eloquent dissection of the path of what was the shinning light of freedom and prosperity…


It is now an unquestionable reality that the United States is no longer the beacon of freedom and hope for all mankind.  As America careens toward not only a fiscal cliff, but a societal one, theories abound as to why, including changing demographics and technology. But the answer is relatively simple: an increasing number of people in the United States, in their pursuit of lives of relative ease, have turned their backs on the basic rules of human behavior as espoused by Judeo-Christian teachings and have instead placed more and more trust in man.

Within that society, the governing class inexorably develops an unrestrained craving for power and self-aggrandizement which ultimately manifests itself in the subjugation of the populace–either by force or the exploitation of the primary human foibles of greed, envy and lust coupled with state control of the means of individual livelihood.  The major casualty of this evolutionary process is the abandonment of God-given rights of life and liberty eventuating in a collapse or violent overthrow of the society.

In the most recent national election cycle the Democrats and the Obama re-election team, with the complicity of the media, cast aside any pretext of honor and integrity as they, utilizing today’s all-encompassing media world, engaged in the most deceptive and unethical campaign in recent American history.  In order to maintain their grip on power the end justified any means.   Including playing on and exacerbating the fears and foibles of the populace while promoting government, controlled by the Democratic Party, as the source of salvation and survival.

The message being conveyed to an ever larger portion of a willing and susceptible American population is: there are no restraints on personal behavior and it is acceptable, using the auspices of government, to forcefully take from one group and give to another. In fact by the mere circumstance of living in America one is entitled to a livelihood and a vast panoply of rights as defined by and granted by the government.

The United States is now at the point where the last chance to avoid an ignominious fate is for the nation to descend to the depths of experiencing first-hand the early stages of the turmoil and suffering extant in Europe and elsewhere. Perhaps when reality does finally set in, the people will turn to the leadership of their fellow citizens who are still committed to the nation’s founding tenets. Unlike Europe, there remains in America a large swath of the populace that lives by and understand the importance of not only the moral underpinnings but the historical success of individual liberty and freedom.

It is that last sentence that forces us to go on shining the light of truth here at AST..

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