One Week Later – Marxism on Display; Jerry Brown wants a SHARE of your wealth EXTRACTED to fund the COLLECTIVE

I am going to start with a quote from Mark Levin because I don’t want it to get lost in what is to follow:

“Let me help you out — we’re not defending millionaires,” Levin said. “We’re defending capitalism. We think the government is big enough.”

The Democrats have been busy this past week.  Half the party has been running around telling the GOP they are too white and ignorant and that’s why we lost.  The other half of the party has abandoned the offensive populist class warfare messaging and gone straight to Marxist talking points.  Many Democrats are running around telling everyone the President has a mandate to raise taxes (but of course only on a select few), but the best example I could find is Governor Jerry Brown and the once great state of California.   They are a glimpse into our nations future if we don’t take control.

Anyone thinking of moving to California should reconsider after Tuesday’s results.  The Democrats were handed a super majority at the state level.  No austerity required.  They can tax and spend their way to prosperity, just like Greece.  For starters, Proposition 30 – an increase on taxes for millionaires passed.  So we are clear, millionaire is defined as anyone making over $250K a year and trust me, in California that doesn’t go as far as you think it does.  Also gaining approval were many local sales and other tax increase provisions.  I can’t wait until all the occupy hippies and self righteous Hollywood big wigs do their taxes next year.  The top tax rate in California is now 13.3%.  That will be on top of Obama’s proposed 40%.   This excludes many sales tax proposals that also passed.  My simple math tells me that the highest tax bracket Californians will be paying 55-60% of their income to support the Progressive Marxist dream.  Congratulations.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer group.

In what reality is the government entitled to confiscate over half of what you earn?  In Jerry Browns reality where funding every liberal initiative takes priority over fiscal sanity and fiscal reality.   And according to him, the rest of us are next:

When asked whether California was going to start a “tax-increase sweep” across the nation on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Brown agreed.   He said more people nationally will have to “share” more of the wealth they “extracted” to fund “collective” government.

Have a share of our wealth extracted to fund collective government.  Does this scare the hell out of anyone else?  This is still the United States of America and not Russia right?  Do you understand what paying your fair share means now?  Do you understand this has NOTHING to do with deficit reduction and EVERYTHING to do with creating dependency on the STATE?

WE ARE DEFENDING CAPITALISM.  They are EXTRACTING wealth to fund the COLLECTIVE.  Remind me who is extreme?

Friends, We have a Spending Problem driven by ideologues seeking to transform this nation.  It threatens not only our financial security but also out personal liberties.  As Mark Levin said, THAT is what we are defending.


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