Dear Mr Boehner – The Constitution is the law of the land, NOT Obamacare

Obamacare will destroy our healthcare system and bankrupt this nation.  Despite the losses in the Presidential and Senate elections last week, the GOP did come away with some gains – at the state level.  30 of 50 Governors are Republican.   We can still beat Obamacare.  The Democrats were so anxious to illegally pass Obamacare the law as written has a fatal flaw.  If the states don’t set up exchanges and that work defaults to the Federal government the law loses its ability to enforce via tax penalty.

From Redstate today:

Rumors are swirling that many Republican Governors are thinking of going wobbly on setting up state level healthcare exchanges to comply with Obamacare, instead of forcing the federal government to set up a federal exchange.

The deadline to notify Washington is November 16, 2012 (though possibly moved to December).

Michael Cannon has an excellent must read on why no state should do so.

Further, the Republican Party controls 30 Governors’ Mansions.

Most importantly, as Michael Cannon notes, “defaulting to a federal exchange exempts a state’s employers from the employer mandate.”

I think it is incumbent on each and every conservative and conservative organization, with this deadline upon us, to make a very simple pledge:

We will not support the re-election of any Republican Governor who creates a healthcare exchange in his or her state. Further, we will oppose for the nomination to the Presidency, any Republican who creates a healthcare exchange in his or her state.

In fact, I will go first.

Should any Republican Governor set up a health care exchange in his or her state, I’ll support their primary challenger and I sure will not support him or her for President in 2016.

Now it is your turn.

Contact your Governor.  Tell him or her not no, but hell no.

Silence is consent to the following:

  • Many people will not be able to choose their doctor, as millions will lose their current insurance plan and, along with it, their doctors.
  • Private insurance companies, squeezed dry by the limits Obamacare places on their profit margins, will disappear, even though most doctors accept private insurance and it is proven to result in superior medical outcomes.
  • Even young, healthy people will be forced to buy expensive health coverage, because Obamacare requires expansive coverage of high-cost care. Consumers will no longer be able to buy less comprehensive, lower-cost insurance, such as high-deductible plans with health-savings accounts, even if that insurance would make the most sense for them.
  • Millions of Americans will be shifted into Medicaid, insurance that pays doctors and hospitals so little that the needed care will simply not be available — as proven again and again in the U.S. (where fewer and fewer doctors provide care to Medicaid and Medicare recipients, specifically because of low reimbursement rates), as well as in other countries dominated by government insurance.
  • Parents and grandparents will lose access to the very medical technology and drugs that have revolutionized health care in the past half century; these will become less available to Medicare beneficiaries because of cuts by the Independent Payment Advisory Board.
  • There will be fewer high-paying careers in the medical-technology industry: Obamacare’s misguided medical-device tax (on revenues, not just profits) is already destroying high-paying jobs for Americans and moving them overseas. More than 400,000 high-paying American jobs of the very sort young people seek are at risk because companies in California, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, and elsewhere are already eliminating jobs specifically because of Obamacare’s onerous taxes.



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