Republicans, only ourselves to blame

We have seen the enemy and we are they.

President Obama received 9M fewer votes versus 2008.  He was beatable.  No question.  It was there for the taking.  Unfortunately, Mitt Romney received over 2M fewer votes than John McCain.  Enough to have made the difference.  Obama enjoyed something approaching a d+7 advantage again this cycle because Republicans stayed home.   We handed the Democrats this election.  Gave it away. Those of you who stayed home, despite not voting, you actually voted.  You voted for Obama.  You voted for higher taxes, higher spending, against Israel, against freedom of religion, for tax payer funded later term abortion up to and including infanticide,  for gay marriage, for Obamacare, for two more liberal Supreme Court Justices, and worse of all, you voted for tyranny versus personal liberty.   Well done.

In general, the party was so afraid of being labeled extreme, we ran to the middle or avoided controversial topics.  Why weren’t we debating Obamacare?  Why were our candidates defending pro-life statements and the democrats not defending pro-death statements?  Why were the democrats registering and busing illegal immigrants to vote while the GOP’s get the vote out plan consisted of a failed software program named ORCA.

And what in the world happened in the Senate.   Lost in the despair that was Romney’s defeat we are just coming to grips with the size and scope of the failure in the Senate.

From today’s WSJ (link at end of the post):

Of the 23 Democratic Senate seats in play, Republicans won . . . one. The party further managed to lose three of its own seats—leaving it with just 45 members in the chamber. Not one Democratic incumbent lost a seat.

Right now, websites are in full blown WTF mode about the election results.  Everything from Romney was a bad candidate, to blaming the press, to changing demographics.  Folks, all of that may be true but until we rediscover our core and get organized none of it will matter.  In what reality with 8% unemployment, $16T in national debt and with the ability to legitimately say every Democratic Senator running for re-election cast the deciding vote on Obamacare do we not pick up a SINGLE seat?  This failure on the part of the GOP is historic incompetence.   Any realistic chance of regaining control of the Senate is lost for 6 years.

The attached link has some of the details behind key losses.  They boggle the mind.  The Democrats spent more to get Akin nominated than he did because they knew he was vulnerable.  His infamous comment was only the latest.  Rehberg in Montana ran against Paul Ryans medidcare reforms.  Romney carried 58% of the vote in North Dakota but we fielded a candidate that couldn’t get 50.01% of the vote?  10 other GOP Senate candidates underperformed Romney’s totals.  The list goes on and on.

Right now there is a clamor in the press and among establishment conservatives that this defeat means we need to move to the center as a party.  Reach out to new voters.   No.  The Democrats ran hard left and united left.  We ran two campaigns.  Neither effective.  We will appeal to more voters when we know who we are, what we stand for and field strong candidates who can communicate it effectively to the electorate.  The proof of this is can be found in 30 Governor Mansions throughout this country:

The liberal line this week is that the Senate meltdown is more proof that voters rejected the GOP agenda. Nonsense. One untold story of Tuesday night was the continued Republican success at the gubernatorial level, where they held every seat up for re-election, and won North Carolina. They now hold 30 states—the biggest majority for a party in 12 years.

The majority of these offices are held by reform Republicans who were elected on the pro-growth GOP platform on spending and taxes. Voters are clearly open to that message, if delivered competently. It is true that Mr. Obama’s superior turnout operation made things harder for Republicans in hard-fought states such as Ohio and Florida. But the GOP’s bigger problem was a failure of candidates. In 11 states, the Republican Senate candidate underperformed Mr. Romney.

Source (WSJ 11.9.12, link below)

That level of statewide success makes the disaster in the Senate look even worse.

The gloves need to come off.  I have often called the President divisive.  It turns out, that comment greatly underestimated him.  He was successful at uniting his party while causing divisions within our ranks.  Divide and conquer.  And make no mistake, he isn’t playing to win, he is playing to conquer.  The next election starts today.

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