A message to my fellow Republicans

With apologies for my language:  We got our assess handed to us Tuesday night and if we don’t get our collective shit in one bag soon, it will only get worse.

The pundits are already deep in their blame fest.  Hurricane Sandy, the Tea Party, Romney was a weak candidate after all or maybe shifting demographics.  Let me try to sum it up for you.  All of that may be true.  None of it may be true.  Here is what is true:   President Obama received fewer votes Tuesday night than did John McCain 4 years ago.  If Republicans had simply turned out and voted, we win.  We did not.   We lost. 

…using the latest Fox News figures, Mitt Romney lost to President Obama by 2,819,339 votes.   Romney received some 3 million Republican votes less than  John McCain in 2008.  Which is to say, 3 million base GOP voters simply refused to vote for Romney. Doing the available math, that means had those 3 million Republicans voted for Romney he would have, as this is written,  a margin of victory in the national popular vote of 180,661. Depending on the state spread, potentially an Electoral College victory as well. 


Think about that.

  • The government can now force you to purchase anything it wants simply by taxing it. We not only missed our last chance to repeal obamacare, we just gave Obama at least two more supreme court justice nominations.  4 or 5 Justices on the bench could be his by the end of his term.
  • We had a real chance to be energy independent by 2020. Instead we signed up for more middle east oil dependence and the government directing billions of taxpayer dollars to eco-terrorists and their green energy agenda.
  • We could have gotten our fiscal house in order.  Turned away from the path of Greece, Spain, Portugal, California and Illinois.  Instead, we stepped on the accelerator.
  • This administration has used the justice department and IRS to intimidate its political enemies.  Were we too intimidated to vote?
  • We probably lost our opportunity to control the Senate for another 6 years.
  • Some day soon, interest on our national debt will exceed spending on our military.  We will essentially be funding China’s military at the expense of our own.

With the stakes so high, we couldn’t show up Tuesday night?   What in the world were we thinking?

There is already a ton of bickering going on in the GOP between the establishment and the Tea Party.  Let me cut right to the chase.  You’re both wrong.

To the GOP Establishment:

Yes, Tea Party candidates lost again Tuesday night.  However, Romney and McCain were as moderate as they come and both got smoked.  Multiple establishment and moderate candidates up and down the ballot also lost.  How in the world can a radical ideologue like Obama paint a moderate presidential candidate as extreme?  The Democrats ran on a platform not of pro choice, but on tax payer funded abortion on demand and we ran from the debate.  The Democrats essential are now offering free healthcare to Mexico via Obamacare and an open boarder immigration policy and we ran from that debate too.  The President, his justice department and Senate have shredded the constitution.  Silence.  We played defense on too many key topics and were terrible at getting our message out.   We need to pull the covers back on what the Progressives are doing to this country.

Most importantly, you need to get behind Tea Party candidates.  Every time one gets nominated, establishment support disappears then the establishment complains how the Tea Party cost us seats.  You are either part of the problem or part of the solution and right now, the establishment is the problem.  I can’t tell you how many times I have held my nose and supported a RINO because the alternative was much worse.  Start acting like grown ups and do what is right for the country instead of your own political power in the party.

To the Tea Party:

You are the heart and soul of the party right now.  You’re the emotion.  You may be our future.  You are also stunningly immature.  This is big boy politics.  Team Obama is well funded, organized, supported, determined and they play dirty.  They play for keeps.  I support 100% primary challenges in the GOP to get the soul of the GOP back to true conservatism versus this watered down nonsense the establishment has us believing.  That said, if you’re going to play, play to win.   This is the big leagues not some municipal election.  If Sharon Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Richard Murdock et al  aren’t ready they need to stay home.  For the second straight time, we lost what should have been easy wins.  You are costing us seats in the biggest poker game in history.  We LOST ground in an election where we should have picked up Senate seats and maybe even finally rid ourselves of Reid.  As a result, any hope of retaking the Senate has probably slipped to 2018.  Think about that.

To the Democrats:

Harry Reid is already in rare form.  Threatening the GOP, trying to change Senate rules our Founding Fathers established so he can further restrict GOP influence and ignore the constitution.  Obama already expects GOP resistance to pop like a blister and given the spineless reaction from John Boehner yesterday, we are well on our way to that vision.  Here is the thing they need to remember.  Mr. President, you received only 50% of the votes in this country.  Despite the electoral college landslide a 2M vote win against 118M cast is not a landslide nor a mandate.  Elections do have consequences and you won.  But 57M people in this country disagree with you and you need to find a way to work with them.  You are President of the United States, all of it.  Act like it.  Ignore us at your peril.  Atlas is shrugging.  Hard.

To Conservatives:

Now more than ever we need to hold to our ideals.  This is not time for feeling sorry for ourselves.  It is not time to whine.  It is time to rediscover our conservative ethos and backbone.  MOCGATOR has already posted some of this, but it is worth repeating.

Mark Levin:  We conservatives, we do not accept bipartisanship in the pursuit of tyranny. Period. We will not negotiate the terms of our economic and political servitude. Period. We will not abandon our children to a dark and bleak future. We will not accept a fate that is alien to the legacy we inherited from every single future generation in this country. We will not accept social engineering by politicians and bureaucrats who treat us like lab rats, rather than self-sufficient human beings. There are those in this country who choose tyranny over liberty. They do not speak for us, 57 million of us who voted against this yesterday, and they do not get to dictate to us under our Constitution.
We failed to show up Tuesday night.  If we fail to show up tomorrow, we will have only ourselves to blame


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