Liberty vs Tyranny

Liberty vs tyranny….

I’ve read today that we as Americans must “compromise” now… and heal… and come together… blah blah…  Where is the compromise??  Those that take outnumber those that make.  $20T debt on the way that we cannot tax our way out of.  Massive unfunded entitlement in Medicare, Medicaid and SS.  And soon to be massive costs of socialized medicine.

There is no “compromise”.   What compromise?  Hard times ahead.  We used to say at the Fraternity when it was time to pay your bills. “Brotherhood stops at the treasurers door”   Have fun trying to compromise with inflation and no economic growth.

We have left this country in worse shape than we found it.  Tin Cup and I are fine.  But our debt ridden kids will look back on us and wonder what we were thinking.  Or with our education system… They will think 15% unemployment and 6 month waits for medical care is normal.   Either way  this is now a country where the takers dictate to the makers.

I am with good cheer today though.   Life goes on.  Obamacare is great for my business.  I will retire earlier because I’m not going to continue to grow my business just to be taxed more.   Atlas Will Shrug… I Will Shrug.  It’s just a matter of time….

So off to drink Hunnicutt wine tonight with good friends!…. and then take up the battle for hearts and minds again tomorrow.



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One response to “Liberty vs Tyranny”

  1. Maria Donahue says :

    Thanks for all of your good words and thoughts. I hope I can get over my sorrow and sadness for what may become of this country. “compromise” ??? Did you hear Bill O’Reilly he summed it up by saying they are turning around the words of JFK’s speech. JFK said “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” Well now IT IS ask what your country can do for you…… I’m sorry this burden is falling on the current hard working generation.

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