It’s over

It is 11:23pm eastern.  MOCGATOR called it a night a while ago.  I hung on as long as possible but Foxnews just called Ohio for Obama.  It’s over.  First, thank you to all of you who have visited us for the past few months.  The number of visitors and world wide support has shocked us.  We can’t thank you enough.

The country tonight decided the US Senate and White House were occupied with the people they wanted.  Barack Obama, Harry Reid and now, Elizabeth Warren.  Congratulations.  I hope you enjoy them.  I don’t regret the fight.  It was worth it.  Every minute.  If you can’t fight for our country, what can you fight for?  The loss, I’ll get over it.  Thank God for term limits.

I am worried for my kids.  There is not a fiber in my being that believes the next four years will be better under Obama than Romney.  Not one.  We leave this country in worse shape then we found it and for that, we should be ashamed.  For that, I am saddened.

Many friends think I will be mad. Maybe a little.  Maybe a lot, but that’s not it.  Obviously disappointed.  Not at Romney for spending too much or too little time in a state.  He ran a great campaign.  Of course he could have done things differently, but ultimately the fault is not his.  It’s ours.

I am disappointed in my fellow citizens right now.  They were offered a clear choice and I can’t reconcile their decision.

Romney was easily the most moderate candidate of the GOP.  Forget the extreme rhetoric the left loves, Romney was a blue dog dream.  He offered a vision, business experience and a way out of our fiscal crisis.  He offered to unify a divided country.  Tonight, that vision was rejected.  A majority of Americans re-elected Obama’s vision.  They want something for free.  Bromides. They want something that Greece, Spain, Portugal, California and Illinois prove doesn’t exist.  It isn’t theory.  It’s a destructive myth. Tonight it doesn’t matter.  Tonight the electorate proved P.T. Barnum right.  They re-elected a showman to office.

So I let everyone officially know that tonight, Atlas shrugs.  The burden is simply to heavy.  The price too high.  The President has made it clear he expects me to support at least 50% of this country.  I can’t afford that and college, weddings, retirement and everything else.  My wife and I each have 8 years of higher education, juggle two full time jobs, kids and more.  Obama wants to punish me for that.  He may succeed but he will also lose.  My top priority is simply my wife and kids. Tonight, HE is on notice, anyone not running for office as a Republican asking me for money will get the same response.

Please direct all inquiries to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  I am very serious.  How else will they learn.

My final pre-election prediction and electoral map was wrong.  The the state polls were right.  Do you know what the worse part is?  Despite being wrong about the outcome, I will sadly still be able to say I told you so.  Obama has no plan.  Things won’t get better.  They are likely to get worse.

The really sad part.  Both parties go to bed tonight knowing there is no hope for change.  I am ill that half the country is excited about that.

Good night my friends.

– Tincup9


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