The chart that should scare every Conservative..

Young and dumb I expect from 18 year olds… not from 29 year olds…  This is damn scary trend.

Once upon a time someone in their mid-to-late twenties wasn’t considered a kid any more. In today’s America – where “children” up to 26 years old must be covered by their parent’s health insurance by government mandate and where a lengthy, government-subsidized trip through college has become an entitlement – adolescence can last into the 30′s.

So should we be surprised that these new twenty-something “children” are embracing an ideology that, while romantic in theory, is deadly in practice?

I think those most likely to embrace socialism, and redistributionist policies in general, are people who really don’t have anything they’ve earned for themselves. Twenty-something Americans, for the most part, haven’t achieved much yet. They haven’t accumulated much wealth yet.

Most people tend to get more wealthy as they get older. They gain more skills and experience which makes their labor more valuable, and they have more time to accumulate assets and savings. That’s no doubt why, as age increases on the chart above, so does rejection of socialism. When you grow up and start earning some real money and start paying some taxes socialism, for most, is quickly revealed for the stupidity it is.

And if we didn’t live in an age of protracted adolescence, that trend would start at an earlier age.


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