Harry Reid promises more gridlock as Democrat closing argument

Do you understand which party is responsible for gridlock yet?  The party that said “F@ck them, we have the votes”.    There is a radical lunatic fringe in power – Reid / Pelosi / Obama.  The answer is easy.  Vote out Obama.  Vote in Romney, Vote in a GOP senate and return civility to our nations dialogue.

Today’s examples from the party of Hope and Shame



And from the President, the man who won’t call terrorists terrorists.  Who wants to bring those ‘folks’ to justice.  This is how he talks about his opponent for the Presidency. This is his final pitch to voters…


What kind of divisive, ugly rhetoric is this coming from a sitting president? It’s easy to sympathize with the fact that Obama’s record gives few reasons for anyone to vote for him; and that for that reason, he’s been forced to attempt to destroy his opponent with a half-billion dollars in negative ads — but now the President of the United States is publicly telling a crowd of Americans to vote for revenge. And not just revenge, but revenge against another American.


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