The National News Agencies Shame Themselves (updated with video link 10.30.12)


The great Benghazi blackout

By: John Hayward
10/29/2012 12:03 PM

Hurricane Sandy is poised to rock the northeast with widespread power losses, but there has already been a huge blackout in the Northeastern news corridor, concerning discussion of the latest Benghazi revelations.  The embargo is nearly complete: one of the greatest scandals in Presidential history is unfolding, and only Fox News wants to talk about it.  It’s like the “Fast and Furious” blackout, except in fast-forward.  Obama’s fans in the network news rooms know they only have to close ranks around the President and avoid the story for a few more days; their ignorance is studied to the point of weaponization.

Joel Pollak at kept an eye on the Sunday news shows, and found that only on Fox News did the moderators find the “stand down” order in Benghazi to be a topic worthy of discussion.  David Gregory of NBC News actually cut one of his panelists off when Carly Fiorina tried to broach the subject, dismissively assuring the audience that “we’ll get to that a little later,” but of course they never did.  George Stephanopolous at ABC News quickly changed the subject when Newt Gingrich tried to talk about it.  ”Face the Nation” guest John McCain had to drag Mr. Foreign Policy, host Bob Schieffer, into a discussion of the story.


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