‘Interview With A Dead Man’; Fox News’ Baier Frustration With Benghazi Media Coverage

Brett Baier is effectively the only journalist doing his job.  His reporting is simply amazing and deserves awards.  Benghazi is nothing short of a full blown scandal.  The attack is a direct result of Obama’s failed policy of appeasing, or worse, ignoring Al Qaeda for fear of angering those that already hate us.  Worse, he then lies to the American people about it.  The link to the video is well worth your 5 minutes.


This comes on the heels of the revelation that top officials, and perhaps even the president himself, were able to watch the hours-long battle in real time as U.S. drone aircraft circled the besieged compound filming the slow-motion massacre. 

…how could American officials watch the massacre in real time but not send any aid to the doomed garrison? Or how had the situation in Libya, the centerpiece in Obama’s Middle East policy, so devolved that such a brazen attack was even possible?

Rather than face those questions, Obama sought to shift blame to the filmmakers and absolve his team of liability.


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