The Donald goes after Obama’s Sealed College Records

Obama has no moral issue unsealing divorce records for his political gain.  Maybe he should unseal his college records.  I love it.  This is right out of Barry’s own playbook.  Force Obama to defend this.  Get him off his narrative.  Go get’em Donald.


There’s no question Donald Trump pulled yet another one of his classic publicity stunts today. Just a few minutes ago, as promised, he dropped a video announcing Big News. In this case, it was less about news and more about calling attention to The Most Transparent President In History’s complete lack of transparency.

Trump’s offer to Obama: Release your college and passport records, I’ll donate five million dollars to the charity of your choice:

The immediate reaction from almost all corners — right and left and media — was scorn, hate, and ridicule. Fine, you might not like Trump’s methods, but what exactly is wrong with asking a sitting president to be transparent about his background as an adult — especially a president the media refused to vet in 2008?

Laugh at Trump all you want, but just a few months ago we saw the media go absolutely insane over a poorly sourced story involving a teenage Romney cutting a kid’s hair a half-century ago. Just today, the anti-gay BuzzFeed Politics wrote a piece about Mitt Romney’s tan. As I write this, the media’s absolutely panting over whatever The Chicago Machine’s allies in the form Gloria Allred and the “Boston Globe” are cooking up.

But I’d like to know why Obama would go against his redistributionist nature and choose to deprive a charity of his choice from receiving a cool $5 million from The Top One Percent. Reportedly, Obama’s spent millions to keep these records secret, so there’s no question he’ll refuse Trump’s offer. And that’s what keeps me from caving to pressure that insists I jump on the Trump-Is-A-Laughingstock bandwagon.


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