Total Annual Spending on Welfare Now Tops $1T

One campaign promise Obama kept was to “fundamentally transform America”.    Congratulations sir, you have done it.  Annual spending on Welfare programs exceeds $1T.  Quite an accomplishment.

When will the progressives learn.  When you try to spread the wealth, the only thing you spread is poverty.   Do you know why they don’t know this?  Because the Democratic ruling elite are the true 1%.  Millionaires and Billionaire ‘public servants’ that believe the public is here to serve them.  Isolated from the very policies they inflict on the rest of us.  Unable to find work in the Obama economy our friends and neighbors have turned to unemployment, disability and food stamps.  This is Barry Sorento’s (Barack Obama) vision.

Total annual spending on federal means-tested welfare programs has hit $1 trillion. The Congressional Research Service is out with a new memorandum on spending on these programs. Senator Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Senate budget committee who requested the memo, has crunched the numbers and come up with the astonishing figure of $1 trillion in annual total spending on these programs as of fiscal year 2011,

Many factors have contributed to the growth in federal welfare spending, causing it to rise during times of both high and low unemployment. Persistently weak GDP growth over the last several years is unquestionably a factor in the record amount of money now being spent. But understanding the growth in federal welfare expenditures must also be understood in the context of a federal policy that has explicitly encouraged growth in welfare enrollment—combined with a weakening of welfare standards and rules.


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