Obama electoral map narrows, tries to make the race about Romney not about YOU!

A moment ago I posted a great piece by Mark Levin where he reminds us this election is about US.   It isn’t about Mitt Romney.  It isn’t about Barack Obama.  It is about you.  Here is the problem for the President.  The past four years have been all about him.  He is a first class narcissist that was elected on a cult of personality not a sustainable platform or vision for this country.  So Romney pulling back the curtain on the great and powerful OZ in the first debate created a huge problem for Obama.  King Barry has been trying to divide this country for two years in the hopes he could reassemble a voting coalition of 51%.  Lately, he has gotten more desperate.  He offers no vision for the next four years.  No defense of the tragedy that is the last four years.  His entire campaign is to demonize Romney.  How sad.  Really.  He should be talking about how he would serve you.  Not the case.  Here is an interesting exercise.  The Daily Caller produced ‘word clouds’ from the second debate.  Take a look at which words are important to Obama and which to Romney.  The contrast is stark

Obama’s campaign is coming off the rails.  He has never been able to sustain polling above 47% and since the first debate, Romney has surged.  Gallup has Romney up +5 in the 12 swing states right now.

Mitt Romney has opened a 5-percentage-point lead over President Obama in the 12 battleground states that are critical to determining the outcome of the 2012 election, according to a USA Today/Gallup poll released Monday.  Romney has 51 percent support among likely voters in the poll, compared to Obama’s 46 percent. Among registered voters


Team Obama is starting to narrow their electoral map.  While they won’t admit it in public, North Carolina is gone.  Florida, Virginia and Colorado are fading quickly.  They are being forced to defend firewall states like Pennsylvania and Michigan.  Wisconsin is very much in play.  Their path to 270 electoral votes is suddenly down to four states – Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and OHIO.

Source: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/polls/262113-poll-romney-leaps-ahead-of-obama-in-the-swing-states

The attached is a map I created on realclearpolitics.com.   Assuming the above, the math is easy.  If Romney wins Ohio, he is the next President of the United Sates.  If not, he needs to win 3 of the remaining 4 battleground states.  He is in great position in each and each is certainly attainable but Ohio is the prize.  Go get’m Mitt.


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