Sour Candy – How the liberal press disgraced themselves last night

Questions not heard last night

Mr President, you were elected on the promise you would unite a divided nation yet you passed Obamacare without a single GOP vote and over the objection of the majority of the nation.  4 years later you preside over the most divided government in modern history.  Can you please explain how the next four years will be different?

Mr President, you promised unemployment would be below 6% a year after the stimulus.  Not one day since you were in office have more American worked than the last day of the Bush administration.  Please reconcile these data points.

Mr President, your administration sponsored a gun running program that led to the death of countless Mexican citizens and one US Agent.  What were you thinking and why has no one been prosecuted?

Mr President, you talk tough about Wall Street but you continue to rake in campaign contributions from them and have yet to prosecute anyone.  How do you reconcile this?

Mr President, it appears to me your party has moved from one of ‘choice’ to tax payer funded abortion on demand. Up to and including your support of late term abortions and infanticide when the baby survives the abortion process.  Care to comment?

Mr President, you called the deficits run up by George W immoral, yet you have added $6T to our national debt with plans to add another $4T.  Are you too immoral?

I could go on and on and on.  These would have been very fair questions or topics to raise for a President seeking four more years in the White House.  Instead, Ms Crowley stacked the deck for Obama with gems like;

Mr Romney, how are you different from George Bush

Mr President – please opine freely on women’s issues as I ask an equal pay question that has never been raised in this campaign

Mr President – instead of defending giving amnesty to millions of illegals taking jobs from out of work Americans, please lecture us about the Dream Act

Mr Romney – why did you outsource all those jobs to China

Candy Crowley was in charge of selecting questions.  Easily 6 of the 11 were from a liberal point of view.  A couple of neutral and 2 or 3 that challenged the President.  Worse, Ms. Crowley allowed Obama to interrupt, run long, redirect her questioning when he was in trouble and worse of all – incorrectly fact check Mr. Romney at a critical point in the debate.  Her involvement in the Libya discussion was a complete and total disgrace.  Ironically, it was so bad, so over the top and so wrong, it has become one of the larger story lines of the night and will ultimately create additional problems for Obama as he is on the record lying, yet again.

Mitt did a fantastic job given he was debating both a lying Obama without being given equal opportunity to respond, a hostile “independent’ crowd and the moderator.  When will the GOP wake up and demand Sean Hannity or Mark Levin moderate one of the debates.


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