Hillary’s Confession – What if she did if for herself, and not him?

Did Hillary pull a fast one on Obama and then skip town?  I will be curious to see how Obama handles this tonight and what the post election narrative is on this.  Let me put forth a theory.  Last week, there were rumors Bill was furious that Obama was trying to pin Benghazi-gate on Hillary.  A new Clinton / Obama feud was brewing.  What if Hillary did this to get ahead of Obama instead of defend him?  Think about it.

  • She accepts responsibility versus being assigned blame
  • She shows leadership on the situation, he looks out of touch
  • She actually trumps Obama and puts him in a catch 22.  Either way, he looks weak.
  • How will the all important woman vote react to Obama letting his subordinate take the blame?

Hillary and Bill must have seen the writing on the wall and calculated this would do the least long term damage to her politically.  Get out in front and control the message.  Given the way she delivered the message – responsible for the actions of those under her – she is making it clear she was not at fault, but as a leader understands where the buck stops.  Chess not checkers.  I must say, this theory makes more sense to me than Hillary sacrificing herself for Obama.  Let’s see how it plays out.


One last data point.  If this was scripted between State and the White House, why no comment from the White House.  Why did Hillary make the announcement from Peru?  Interesting exchange between the President and a reporter earlier today.  The man has an opinion on everything, most recently on the American Idol judges fighting.  Yet he has no comment for his Secretary of State taking responsibility?

From: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/obama-refuses-say-whether-hillary-clinton-blame-benghazi_654639.html

This pool, standing about 50 feet away, had this exchange:

Reporter: “How are you feeling about tonight?”

Obama, smiling: “I feel fabulous. Look at this beautiful day.”

Reporter: “Are you aware Michelle voted for you yesterday?”

Obama, turning to yell back: “Thank goodness!”

Reporter: “Is Hillary to blame for Benghazi?”

Obama: Silence. Kept walking.

Pool was told Obama was heading to a short debate prep session and we’re heading back to the hold.

Yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that she is responsible for the attack, because “the buck stops with her.” Today, when given the opportunity to weigh in, President Obama refused to do so.


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