Debate Prep – What were the takeaways from the first two debates?

Mocgator and I have been consistently drawing attention to the lack of experience and civility in the Obama Administration.   Obama has polarized this country like none before him.  He shows no respect for opposing views.  Remember, we are bumps in the road.  Blisters to be popped.  He speaks of Romney / Ryan in harsher terms than the terrorists that murdered our ambassador.  Conquer versus win.  The attached article does a great job pointing out how the poor performances by the President and Vice President in their respective debates was actually a character issue.  Or, lack there of. 

Barack Obama and Joe Biden might have performed better in their debates had they spent more time in the private sector. Both men are career politicians who say they understand “working Americans.” 

Yet neither displayed the civility and common courtesy important to most people in the American workplace. Imagine if you interrupted, rolled your eyes and laughed at a co-worker the way Joe Biden interrupted Paul Ryan? 

Or if you reacted to a colleague or customer with the dismissive tone and sour look of President Obama, who at times in his debate with Mitt Romney seemed more like a sullen teenager than a head of state? To say such behavior would not be well received would be an understatement.

No business could survive for long if employees treated customers—or each other—with the kind of disdain that both Democratic candidates showed their opponents…

…How many of us have had to work with someone we don’t like? It can be tough but you learn to do it. President Obama, in contrast, made little effort to conceal his personal disdain for Mitt Romney, looking down and scowling each time he spoke…

…One reason why Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s debate performances were so successful is because both men showed the familiar reassuring composure you find in the workplace. Romney came across as an in-command CEO and effective leader, laying out his plan energetically and in impressive detail. Paul Ryan gave concise, bullet-point responses that you’d hear in a business meeting. He was far easier to follow than Joe Biden who, many observed, was filibustering rather than debating…

In other words, the differences seen in the debates were not simply those of style but of values.Americans are sensing this, which is why they are turning off to the Obama campaign

The question is whether Americans, accustomed to problem solving and cooperation in their professional lives, really want a president who only offers more blame and recriminations. Or are they looking for a leader who, as the actress Stacey Dash put it so well, sees “the need for us to be united and move forward” and has a plan for America.



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