Clinton Throws Herself Under the Bus – Takes Blame for Benghazi; then blames the ‘fog of war’

A couple of thoughts here.  What does Obama have on Bill and Hillary.  Here is a duo that over eight years in the White House was able to survive EVERY scandal up to and including the impeachment of Bill for lying under oath.  Recall, there were a few skeletons in Bill’s closet…and at least one stained dress.  And Hillary’s popularity was nowhere near where it is now.  So what in the world caused Hillary to take the blame for this developing scandal (and then immediately fly to Peru to avoid questions)?   I mean, what does Barry have on them that would cause Hillary to jeopardize her 2016 chances?

So let’s get to the meat of her so called confession.  Hillary took accountability as the head of the State Department but immediately blamed those working for her.  Kind of, “I am responsible for their stupidity” but said nicer.  She blamed the ‘fog of war’ for the bad intelligence coming through the channels.  This ‘fog’ as the situation developed caused the misinformation.  For two weeks Hillary?  Really?

Folks, we have two high level State Department officials testifying under oath additional requests for security were made but turned down.  Obama did not want American troops in Libya for fear of looking ‘colonial’.  An occupying force.  Plain and simple.  Fox News did a great timeline of the requests for additional security – I have posted it here several times in the past.   If the Secretary of State was not aware, she should be fired immediately for incompetence as her department had multiple requests.  The President didn’t know about the request because he doesn’t attend daily security briefings.  None in the week leading up to Sept 11th.  How many fundraiser did he attend that week?  Isn’t the anniversary of September 11th enough reason to be on high alert?  Again, Obama outsourced security for appearances.  Those he entrusted with the safety of our citizens actually ended up leading the terrorists to Chris Stevens in the end.

The ‘fog of war’ is rich too.  This statement is insulting for several reasons.  First, this administration has refused to use the term War on Terror, but the minute it is politically beneficial, the war terms come flying out.  Second, they spent two weeks, two weeks telling us this was a protest, not an act of terror by terrorists at war with us.  If the ‘fog of war’ was the issue, why did they blame a video weeks later.  In the press, to Congress, at the UN.  Disgraceful.  Finally, if this was such a confused, developing situation – a wartime situation – WHY IN THE HELL DID OBAMA BOARD AIR FORCE ONE TO ATTEND A FUNDRAISER IN LAS VEGAS?   Four Americans were dead, Al Qaeda flags flew over our embassies, his own State Department, by their own admission didn’t have control of the situation, and he heads out of town to rake in campaign cash. 

I want to see Mitt go after Obama hard on this topic tonight.  What transpired in Libya last month is a direct result of Obama’s failed foreign policy.  He has made the world a more dangerous place.  Trying to appease the radical terrorists has only made them more bold.  They don’t fear him or the United States.

Lastly – to Joe “Fissile Material” Biden – you’re an idiot.  Your debate response that even if Iran gets the material they can’t blow it up is tragically stupid.  Of course they can.  Further, they don’t need to – a dirty bomb in a major city would forever alter the American people.  Get these people out of office before it is too late.


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