Ryan could have won the election had he said this…

When that liberal twit Raddatz asked the question about “negative campaigns”, Ryan could have won the debate with a short phrase.

“You ask about the “tone” of this debate….   as the Vice President is sitting there laughing and smiling when we have a $16 trillion debt, real unemployment over 15%, an anemic GDP growth, a lowered credit rating, a dead Ambassador, an administration who lied to the American people for two weeks about it, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security programs on the verge of bankruptcy…. and you want to smile and laugh at these FACTS!…   Theses are serious times in America with serious issues… it’s time for serious people to lead America out of these problems”
Raddatz (The third debater) would have had to cut to commercial after that….


The election would have been over.


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