Biden / Ryan Debate Analysis – or should I say pyschoanalysis

Where to start.  Objectively, Biden exceeded my expectations of him and Ryan fell a little short.  Biden was well prepared, full of believable lies and at times,  genuine.  Had he kept his alter ego in check all night, he would have done much better.  Ryan by contrast didn’t seem as comfortable, which is understandable when the debate moderator is interrupting you and your opponent is yelling in your ear making faces.  That said, Ryan was also well prepared and on point.  Ryan had a tough job last night.  He needed to show he was Presidential and that meant he couldn’t sink to Biden’s level.  That said, he could have redirected some of Raddatz’s questions.  In the end, Ryan had to debate both Biden and Raddatz.   Both his opponents disgraced themselves.

Raddatz will be hailed by liberals as a great moderator, but she is embodies all that is wrong with the mainstream media.  Her bias is so deep, it is impossible to separate.  Her questions of Ryan were very challenging.  She cut him off several times.  She demanded details from him and did nothing to reign in the crazy man to Ryan’s right.  How in the hell were there no questions to Biden about Obamacare?  How come she didn’t press Crazy Joe for details on when they would get unemployment under 6%, given you know, they promised it would be if we only spent $1T stimulus.  Well we spent it Joe, it is at 7.8% with fewer Americans working today versus 4 years ago.  Nope, no such question.  Or what about the fact the Senate hasn’t passed a budget in three years and the sham of a budget the President submitted failed to get a single vote from either party?  Didn’t come up.  Shameful.

Martha Raddatz was an awful moderator – pretty much everything conservatives might have feared, after learning at a late hour of her undisclosed personal relationship with Barack Obama.  She interrupted Paul Ryan constantly, openly argued with him, and presented Democratic talking points better than Biden did.

Biden was simply out of control.  Charles Krauthammer summed it up well.  If you listened to this on the Radio, Biden won on points.  If you watched the debate, Ryan won because Biden disgraced himself.  I mean, did Joe take too many or not enough meds?  He was bi-polar.  Laughing, smirking, eye rolling then angry the next instant.  He was hard to watch.  He was rude, disrespectful and annoying.  He interrupted Ryan 80-100 times in a 90 minute debate.

Chris Wallace at Fox News on  Biden’s behavior.  “I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a debate in which one participant was as openly disrespectful of the other as Biden was to Paul Ryan tonight,” he observed.  “It was openly contemptuous and disrespectful.”

From Humanevents:  But it was tone of voice and body language that will shape most impressions of this debate.  Biden was rude, loud, and hectoring, more heckler than debate partner.  On the very rare occasions that moderator Raddatz decided to ask him a serious question, he was equally rude to her.  When Ryan was speaking, Biden grinned and laughed, often at very inappropriate times.  No one really thinks the death of four Americans in Libya is funny, Joe.

In the end, Biden was the perfect democrat and Ryan the perfect republican.  Biden had NO INTEREST in engaging in a serious debate.  He wanted to be a bully and to shout over his opponents comments.  There is no middle ground.  They want to conquer.  You are with them, or in their way.  They are out of ideas.  They are loud and obnoxious.  You don’t matter.  Only them.  Occupy Wall Street cry babies.  Chicago thugs.

Ryan by contrast was smart, on point, dignified, looking for answers and looking for a middle ground.  While I wish he would have defended himself from Raddatz more, he needed to let Biden self destruct.  And Joe did.  Ryan’s closing 15 minutes were decisive.  He was brilliant.  In the end, the democratic base was energized by crazy Joe, but the middle of the country will feel more comfortable with Paul Ryan as second in charge.


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