Ryan / Biden Debate Prep – NBC tries to change narrative to wedge issues

The Democrats want the Vice Presidential debate tonight to be about wedge issues.  Apparently Big Bird just isn’t getting it done and trying to defend their failed domestic, economic and foreign policies are what caused Obama to get trounced .  There is no bigger wedge issue than abortion.  Keep in mind, the DNC has taken a radical turn from “A woman’s right to choose” to tax payer funded “abortion on demand” this year.  It is striking how this radical, dare I say extreme, change in position has gone unchallenged.  In the process, they have tried to paint Romney as the radical!   Being a woman is a pre existing condition! Watch for this thread tonight.  As if on cue, NBC is getting in line – no collusion here.  The lead story yesterday could have been the Congressional hearings over the embassy attacks maybe?  Nope, abortion:

For two weeks the President stuck by the story that the attack in Libya sprung out of rioting over a video that had been on YouTube for six months. As members of the Obama Administration began walking it back, Barack Obama doggedly stuck to the story and the media largely let him. Finally, at a congressional hearing, Charlene Lamb of the Obama Administration still refused to characterize the “attackers,” as she called them, as terrorists. Jake Tapper of ABC News asked Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary, if it was not Barack Obama who shot first and aimed later. Carney attempted to retreat on two weeks of well spun bull malarkey and the majority of the press corp gave him a pass. Carney, a former reporter for Time, tried to deny he had ever claimed any of the claims he has made the last two weeks.

Not surprisingly, NBC News’s lead story — not MSNBC — was about Mitt Romney and abortion.


Disgraceful.  For your entertainment pleasure a video of Joe being Joe


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