Libya Scandal – What did the Administration know? Or are they really that stupid?

I wish one Congressmen would have simply asked:  Either you had actionable intelligence and failed to act on it or you and the Administration are inept.  Which is it?

(emphasis mine)

John Podhoretz, writing for the New York Post:

At yesterday’s incendiary, four-hour hearing in Washington, congressional Republicans ripped into two high-ranking State Department officials who struggled to explain away the administration’s utterly baffling behavior before and after the murder of four Americans in Benghazi on Sept. 11.

The spectacle was agonizing. The officials — Charlene Lamb and Patrick Kennedy — basically said everything they’d done before the terror assault and everything the administration had said afterward was appropriate, “based on what was known at the time.”

Lamb and Kennedy said they’d done the right thing as they sat next to two security experts who’d been on the ground in Benghazi and had desperately sought more assistance from the State Department — as had Ambassador Chris Stevens, up to the very day he was murdered.

Based on what they knew at the time.

Even more surprising, Kennedy acknowledged that he believed the murders were the result of a terrorist plan, rather than the aftermath of a spontaneous uprising against a YouTube video. But he then heatedly said he would’ve done exactly what UN Ambassador Susan Rice did when she went on the Sunday-morning chat shows and falsely asserted that the video was entirely to blame — based on what was known at the time.

Rice, they said, was acting on the intelligence that the State Department had at the time.

Whole thing here.


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