Embassy Attacks – Hours before Congressional investigation, White House / State Dept decide to change their story to – the Truth

Even the major news networks couldn’t avoid this one, although they are trying to spin it a little.  I will get to that in a minute.  A brief refresher first.  At the DNC, endless speakers went to the podium to declare Osama Bin Laden was dead and Al Qaeda on the run.  Before the confetti was off the convention floor, four of our embassies were attacked, four Americans were killed including our Libyan Ambassador, Chris Stevens.  The attack on the Benghazi embassy was the work of Al Qaeda.

Obama knew that night the embassy was under siege.  The violence had not yet escalated but they were aware of trouble on the ground.  The President, our Commander-in-Chief went to bed.  Perhaps if he had attended any of his security briefings he would have been better able to assess the danger:

When he awoke the next day, Chris Stevens was dead.  Obama got on Air Force One and flew to Las Vegas for a fund raiser.  Let that sink in.  Al Qaeda attacked our embassy on September 11th, 4 Americans were killed, Obama flew to Vegas for a party.  The press turned their attention to Romney for daring to defend American ideals.  I was disgusted then.  I am in full blown outrage today.

The Obama administration lied for two weeks in an effort to protect his re-election chances.  The man elected to protect all of us, opted to protect none of us for the sake of political gain.  His press secretary, Secretary of State, Delegate to the UN, countless surrogates and he himself lied to the American people.  Willingly, knowingly, shamelessly, fecklessly lied.

We are finally being told this was a coordinated attack by Al Qaeda.  The press is putting this ‘breaking news’ under the cover of a narrative that the investigation is yielding results.  What investigation?  It took the FBI two weeks to get to Libya.   CNN did more investigating and they are on the payroll.  No, the administration knew from day one.  The lied ever since

It gets worse – there were repeated calls for additional security that were denied or ignored.  The administration intentionally kept security low in some misguided attempt to appease those who would kill us.

When security officer Eric Nordstrom asked for more security in Libya in light of more than 200 security breaches from July 2011 to July 2012, he received no answer. Forty-eight of these recorded breaches took place in Benghazi.

Instead, he learned that State Dept. official Charlene Lamb wanted to keep the number of security personnel in Benghazi “artificially low,” whatever that means. The result of this was not only the death of four Americans on September 11, but the wounding of three others who were hurt so bad that one of them is still in the hospital. 

Nordstrom claims Lamb “believed the Benghazi post did not need any Diplomatic Security Special Agents because there was a residential safe haven to fall back to in an emergency.” Ambassador Stevens died in that “safe haven.”



The Obama doctrine is a complete and total failure.  There is no other way to say it.  Hold them accountable.  Tell everyone.  This man is the most unqualified person ever to occupy the Oval Office.   Get him out before it gets any worse.

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