Red State Headline: “The Books Weren’t Cooked. Obama’s Recovery Is Just Crap.”

I laughed out loud when I read that.  I do disagree slightly however.  The books were cooked.  The assumptions they made for seasonal adjustments were all favorable.  Ironically, the overall number was boosted by part time jobs because long term employment benefits expired for so many people.  The other terrible truth in the u6 % they reported is the number of people on disability.   This is important to understand.  Almost 9M Americans are on disability.  Those on disability do NOT count against unemployment numbers.  They are excluded from the force participation rate calculations, artificially depressing it and making the percentage of unemployed look better.

The number of people currently on disability currently exceeds the population of 39 states.  That is a terrifying statistic

Before the Obamazombies attack me and call me insensitive, understand the trends here.  When Obama took office, the ratio of workers to disability was 19:1.  Today, it’s closer to 15:1.  As long term unemployment persist and employment benefits run out, those unable to find a job in the Obama economy many are turning to disability insurance claiming things like, mental fatigue.  Source:

So back to the issue at hand.  The recovery is just crap.  The unemployment % dropped due to ‘season adjustments”, part time jobs and an increase in those exiting the workforce and via disability insurance.

Just think what he could accomplish with four more years.

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