Romney Schools Obama at the University of Denver

I really like this write up.  As I watched the debate I had the same thoughts.  Obama NEVER has ANYONE call BS on his rhetoric.  Guess what happened last night? Romney trounced Obama with facts.  Turns out it is harder to lie when your opponent is standing next to you with no media filter.

And how in the world can a President whose ridiculous fantasy budget proposals never drew a single vote from his own party think he could get away with nattering about how budgeting means making hard choices?  How could he possibly forget his own Party’s shameful dereliction of duty in failing to pass a budget for four years?  Nothing but a complete lack of self-awareness, and total ignorance of what his critics have been saying, could explain it.

It is often said that biased media can hurt liberals in debates, because they’re unprepared to face serious criticism.  That’s never been more agonizingly obvious than it was in Denver on Wednesday night.  You know what I’ll bet Mitt Romney spent a good deal of time studying?  The tape of Obama falling apart during his first serious questioning by reporters during this campaign season, when he appeared at the Univision town hall.

It would appear that Obama’s intense encounters with “The View” and the “Pimp With a Limp” didn’t prepare him to face Mitt Romney.  Maybe he would have done better, if he hadn’t become so accustomed to dropping off prepared statements at “press conferences” and running away without taking any questions.

And From:

Barack Obama, at one point, interrupted Jim Lehrer and asked Lehrer to move on to a new topic. It was a brilliant metaphor for what Barack Obama did coming into office. He looked at the economy and decided to move on to Obamacare. His whole career has been one of passing the buck, shifting blame, and failing to take responsibility for tough challenges. He did the same last night.

For four years, Barack Obama has rarely been challenged and he handled it poorly last night. He was ill prepared, flustered easily, and came off as petulant. At some point we should expect the empty chair to ask Barack Obama to take a vacation day and let it debate instead.

I think the explanation for Obama’s performance is pretty simple. Gods in the cult of personality do not like to come off Olympus to be challenged by mere mortals.


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