Joe Biden: Middle Class “Buried The Last FOUR Years” (Under Obama) – Updated 10.3.12

I love Joe – More TV time for him please.  First, its’ your administration that will raise taxes on the middle class next year.  20 of them actually.  It’s called Obamacare and it’s a tax moron.  Second, I agree with you.  The middle class has been buried for the last for yours.  Talk to your boss about that.

And for the record:

Democrats have been saying — or, in the case of Joe Biden, trying to say — that Mitt Romney plans to raise taxes on the middle class. This claim is flatly untrue. The word “lie” probably is thrown around too casually in our politics, but this qualifies. Romney has no such plan, has forsworn taking such a course of action, and has in fact proposed to cut tax rates for the middle class — and everybody else who pays the federal income tax — by reducing all brackets by 20 percent.




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