Higher Taxes Create Jobs!! Who knew!

Here is the latest chart being passed around by the leftist blogosphere.


Absolute crap!!!!

And I mean crap.  Totally wrong and written by someone who has never started or managed a business and has no basic fundamental understanding on how taxation effects business and investment.  And I mean wrong.  100% backwards.  “The wealth sit on their piles of money”.  What leftist liberal hack made this chart?

#1.  Companies NEVER EVER EVER NEVER pay taxes.  People pay taxes.  Taxes are just another cost  that companies simply pass through to the ultimate consumer.  Where else are companies going to get money to pay their taxes?  By selling stuff.  Who buys stuff?  People.    AND… the USA has the highest business tax rate in the world.  Why would companies want to come and invest here?

#2.  When tax rates go up, business cease to invest in “business”.  Wealthy people cease to invest money.  They immediately put it any place at all to MINIMIZE the taxes.  They don’t go build things or re-invest in their business.  That’s just flat insanity.  “They will take their money and re-invest it in their business to obtain a lower tax rate”  Written by a socialist hack with no fundamental business understanding of any type.  A central planning fool that’s read far too much Karl Marx and not enough Ayn Rand.

It’s this kind of abject mental poison that the dumbmasses will mistakenly look at as gospel… when in fact it’s 180 degrees off.  Raise taxes… it’s good for business and will create jobs.  WTF????  Are you kidding me??

Punch the person in the head that made this chart and tell them it was from me.



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