New Jersey High School Students Boycott Michelle Obama’s Lunch Guidelines – Make “We are hungry” Video

What do you get when the Government thinks they now better than you what is good for your kids?  Hungry kids.  The first lady’s new lunch program is leaving kids without enough food at school.  The calorie and nutrition guidelines are forcing the suppliers of school lunches to offer smaller portions and / or less food to comply with the new requirements.    This is such a classic example of government overreach.  How in the heck can the First Lady determine what my child needs to eat on a daily basis.  She isn’t our family doctor.  Further, the one size fits all regulations are so stupid only the Federal Government could have come up with them.  You’re telling me the center of the varsity football team has the same nutritional needs as a freshman girl?

This is their vision for America.  Make you dependent upon government.  Healthcare, school lunches, food stamps, unemployment, disability – all of it.  Then tax you into oblivion to pay for it all.  Lower quality, lower standards of living but a permanent elite ruling class making all your decisions for you.  You have a choice and a chance this November – don’t let it pass by.


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