Obama Lied – Administration knew within 24 hours Embassy attacks were terror attacks. More bumps in the road ahead…

I have said this before, but it is important so I will repeat it:  In the past two weeks, the man asking to be re-elected President has knowingly lied to the American people, apologized for American values and has utterly failed to defend Americans and our values. 

During the infamous “F**k off” email exchange between Buzzfeed and the State Department over the 9.11 embassy attacks (the entire exchange is available in the Atlasshruggedtoday archives), the Buzzfeed reporter put a question to State: You are either incompetent or lying.  Now we know the answer was – BOTH.

As of today, the only arrest made over the murders of four Americans was of the film maker.  The FBI is STILL not investigating the crime scene two weeks later because the area is not ‘secure’.  Thankfully CNN got in there and recovered Chris Stevens diary.  For two weeks the administration told the world, these were mob riots over a film gone bad.  They did this despite the President of Libya stating that there was “no doubt that this was pre-planned, determined.  They did this in the press, at fund raisers and at the UN.  They also did this in the briefing they gave Congress immediately following the attacks. – oops.

During the last 48 hours the administration has started to change their message.  Obama did it first on the View where he admitted the attacks were more then just an unorganized mob.  How bold of you Sir.  Panetta and Clinton have followed this up with declarations these were actually terror attacks led by elements of Al Qaeda.  Cracker Jack work guys.

As I stated earlier this is both lying and incompetence.  Let’s start with the incompetence:

…the Government Accountability Institute. The group reported a jaw-dropper: President Barack Obama didn’t attend a single daily intelligence briefing in the week leading up to the anniversary of 9/11. In fact, he has attended a minority of daily briefings (44%) since becoming president, and a little better than a third over the last year. While skipping intelligence briefings, the president has enthusiastically campaigned and met with TV personalities.


Maybe, just maybe if the President had attended some of these briefing he would have noticed some of the intelligence was in fact, actionable.  As reported in the WSJ:

  • On Friday, our WSJ colleagues showed that starting in spring, U.S. intelligence had been worried about radical militias in eastern Libya.
  • These armed groups helped topple Moammar Ghadhafi last year but weren’t demobilized as a new government has slowly found its legs.
  • Deteriorating security was no secret. On April 10, for example, an explosive device was thrown at a convoy carrying U.N. envoy Ian Martin.
  • On June 6, an improvised explosive device exploded outside the U.S. consulate.
  • In late August, State warned American citizens who were planning to travel to Libya about the threat of assassinations and car bombings.
  • Despite all this, U.S. diplomatic missions had minimal security.
  • The night of the Benghazi attack, four lightly armed Libyans and five American security offices were on duty.
  • The complex lacked smoke-protection masks and fire extinguishers.
  • Neither the consulate in Benghazi nor the embassy in Tripoli were guarded by U.S. Marines, whose deployment to Libya wasn’t a priority.
  • (Stevens) diary said he was concerned about the “never-ending” security threats in Benghazi and wrote that he was on an al Qaeda hit list.


Now onto the lying.  I have said many times in this blog, the President thinks we are all stupid.  He treats us like children and the press is complicit in this activity.  He has gotten away with terrible lies in the Fast and Furious scandal.  He has gotten away with lies around the economy, unemployment, his opponent and his lies around Obamacare are legendary.  Unless you think when he says it isn’t a tax is true, because in fact it is 20 taxes.  No, like a child that never gets punished, he gets more bold with his lies to the American people.

It’s an election year so there is no way after spending 3 days in Charlotte touting Osama is Dead that this Administration would stand in the Rose Garden and show pictures of the ‘mob’ holding “Obama we are all Osama” signs and admit this was a terror attack.  So they decide to create a false narrative.  Why not.  It has worked in the past.  They only need a week or so for the news cycle to pass.  The press will go along.  Feed them the talking points and send them on their way.  Heck, they even found a way to blame Romney.  Eventually the American people  will move onto the next story.

Except they didn’t.  Obama spoke at the UN Tuesday and blamed the video.  He didn’t use the word ‘terrorist’ or ‘terrorism’ once in a 2,000 word speech.  By Wednesday the truth was out.   The story continued to unravel and now we are in full blown scandal mode.  They’re briefing to Congress following the attack was full of lies.  So much so, even the Democrats are demanding answers.

high-ranking members of the President’s own party are now demanding answers. This includes the man most often cited as a likely Secretary of State should Obama win a second term, Senator John Kerry:

Senate Democrats joined Republicans Thursday in questioning the Obama administration’s handling of the fatal Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya and why the administration refused for days to acknowledge that it was a terrorist attack linked to al Qaeda.


The article continues:

The false White House narrative blaming the murders on a protest gone bad over a YouTube video never really passed the smell test. But Obama maintained that illusion straight through to his speech before the United Nations two days ago, even as reports surfaced that our government knew al-Qaeda was behind the attack within 24 hours. Apparently, this has become too much to sweep under the rug for some of the mainstream press and Democrats.

The behavior of Obama and Secretary of State Clinton over the past 14 days is a scandal of the highest order. Lies, cover ups, and neglect for security of American intelligence and personnel that borders on criminal.

For national security, it is important we get to the bottom of this story.  For the nation during an election, it is important we finally see this administration for what it truly is: two faced liars pursuing a progressive agenda both at home and abroad.  Obama speaks of terrorists in calming tones.  He speaks of his fellow Americans in vile tones.  He wants to redistribute wealth at home and American influence abroad.

He has been the most bitterly divisive president in modern history.  His campaign is not about his ideas or plans for a second administration.  No.  he spends his time talking about what awful, hateful, unpatriotic people the Republicans are.  His surrogates have called Republicans Nazi’s or worse.  They hate women, and more.  He has been openly hostile to every religion except Islam.  Obama says when he wins his second term – Republican opposition will “pop like a blister”.   That is how he sees you my friends.  As a blister.  As an irritant to be eliminated, not a counter voice in our democracy.  You will be popped, you will be broken.  You are nothing more than a bump in the road.


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