Obama eCard – Obamacare and birth control

If I were Romney, I would use this ad, created by Obama, in my ads – I don’t have fancy graphics, but I included my two ecard replies below:

Dear Daughter – Thank God you didn’t send this to your father.  BTW, it costs $9/mo at your local pharmacy, what exactly are you doing that requires $18K? – Love, Mom

Dear American Tax Payer – I need to raise your taxes $18,000 to pay for her birth control.  Turns out the affordable care act wasn’t affordable after all.  Apparently obamacare drives costs up, care goes down and since I am expanding coverage to everyone including illegal immagrants we actually need need over $1T in new taxes over the next decade  – Hugs, Barry  p.s., don’t forget to donate $3 to my campaign!


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