Press bias? You decide. Reuters / AP run inappropriate pictures of Iraeli PM Netanyahu

OK, this is an easy one.  I am going to show you two pictures of Netanyahu at the UN today.  The first picture from Foxnews.  The second both the AP and Reuters used.  Bias?


Now AP and Reuters: (pic is Reuters, AP’s is same pose slightly off center)

So, Fox shows the Israeli Prime Minister making his case for a non nuclear Iran so clear, even the morons in the UN can’t miss it.  Unfortunately for Fox, they use the AP photo in the body of their news story.

The AP and Reuters decide to show him in a pose that can only draw comparisons to Nazi Germany.  Individuals at these ‘news’ agencies actually thought that picture was appropriate.  Either they are chronically stupid and / or have an agenda.  Draw your own conclusions.  I have already made mine.


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