Mitt Romney Debate Preparation – Obamacare and channeling his inner Newt

It is game time.  Everything else has been leading up to this moment.  Forget the polls.  They are wrong.  The fact is Mitt is tied or leading Nobama with Independents.  Unless you over sample obamazombies, and they are, Obama isn’t leading outside the margin of error – if at all.  GOP enthusiasm is much higher versus 2008.  Nobama love is down from 2008.  No way the electorate looks the same.  That doesn’t translate into a Mitt win, but these polls are dead wrong and are being used by the media as a new campaign tool.  They are intended to demoralize the GOP base, volunteers and donors.  Don’t let them win.

Some more non-scientific evidence:  Obama can’t fill a school gym during his campaign stops this year.  Romney had 4,000 people at one stop  in Ohio yesterday.  How many Obama 2012 bumper stickers are you seeing this year?  Me either.   How many people do you know that voted for McCain in 2008 have changed their mind and will vote for Obama this year?  Flip the question, how many Obama voters are undecided or are voting for Romney?  Like I said, it’s game time.

The debates will be the opening kick-off.  I have tended to give the Romney campaign the benefit of the doubt on their messaging.  The economy is such a huge and real issue.  Tagging Ryan as his running mate was brilliant.  Recently, Nobama has brought his foreign policy fiasco into play as well.  There is one issue the Romney camp has avoided that they must take back.  Obamacare.   The US electorate so hates Obamacare they elected a Republican to Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.  They backed the GOP in a landslide mandate election in 2010.  Polling indicates repeal is +11.   They filled Romney’s campaign coffers when the Supreme court ignored the Constitution and upheld the law.

Conventional wisdom is Romney feels exposed by Romneycare.  Nonsense.  Let the President come at him with it.  I have his responses ready to go.  The campaign should feel free to use these, I won’t be offended:

  • I didn’t pass Romney care w/o a single vote from the opposition party using legislative trickery
  • We had an open debate and read the bill before voting on it
  • Of the two, only Obamacare imposes 20 new taxes on the American people, mostly the middle class
  • Of the two, only Obamacare threatens to ration medical care via death panels
  • Of the two, only Obamacare raided $700B from Medicare
  • Of the two, only Obamacare explodes the national deficit with trillions of unfunded liabilities
  • Of the two, only Obamacare is suffocating small business job growth via fear of taxes and regulation
  • Of the two, only Obamacare is currently implementing taxes on medical devices – like wheelchairs
  • Of the two, only Obamacare bends the national cost curve in the wrong direction
  • Of the two, only Obamacare added IRS agents for enforcement versus doctors for care
  • Of the two, only Obamacare is requiring religious institutions to violate their beliefs
  • Of the two, YOU DID BUILD Obamacare
  • If you want to debate Romneycare, you should run for Governor of Massachusetts.  I however am running for President of the United States.

Easy Peasy.   Which brings me to the next point.  Romney needs to channel his inner Newt.  Newt may be a little crazy at times but he is brilliant and knows how to push buttons.  He is a great politician and strategist.  And he has some great advice in the attached article but two points JUMP off the page.  First, Obama can’t stand being made fun of.  Romney needs to find a way to do this in a non-offensive way.  Find a way to interject comedy or laughs at the Presidents expense without appearing low class.  There is no quicker path to unraveling no drama obama’s facade.

Point two:  Go after the liberal moderators.  What moron in the RNC agreed to this gaggle of liberal stooges to host these debates?  Are you kidding?  Not one moderate, forget conservative moderator.  Romney will need to do it himself.  Ignore the questions.  Stay on his message.  Drive home the points he wants to make, not defend the points the press wants to zing him with.  This is his moment, not theirs.  Newt offers a PERFECT example:

Americans are sick and tired of the unending liberalism and suffocating groupthink of the elite media.

If you look at my strongest applause lines virtually every one was taking on the media.

It is inevitable the media will ask Romney about “the 47 percent.” Instead of answering it, Romney should pivot and say, “Let me tell you about the 100 percent. Obama has failed the 100 percent who have to buy gasoline. Obama has failed the 100 percent who will be paying interest on the Obama national debt for the rest of their lives. Obama has failed 100 percent of those who want to get a job and move on with their lives. Obama has failed everyone in the Middle East who had hoped the Arab Spring would lead to freedom by allowing it to turn into an Islamist winter.”

These debates will be Romney’s only opportunity to be contrasted with Obama without the normal left wing media filter.  He needs to capitalize on this.  These debates are rarely won or lost on ‘points’.  This is about perception and perception has a funny way of becoming reality.

Game on.

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