Occupy Unmasked Trailer

From: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Hollywood/2012/09/24/movies-started-prairie-fire

“Occupy Unmasked” goes from Pennsylvania Avenue to the streets of America’s cities to uncover how it was that dozens of seemingly “spontaneous” demonstrations with identical signs and slogans erupted across America in 2011-12, all calling for the destruction of the free market, massive tax increases on America’s job-creating classes, and  a socialist “revolution.” I bet most people who held their noses as they passed the filthy encampments of what they thought were youthful idealists didn’t know:

  • That the Occupy movement was planned a year in advance by leaders of the radicalized government workers union the SEIU—who hired professional anarchist agitators with ties to Hugo Chavez and Raul Castro to get the demonstrations started and school their youthful adherents in “revolutionary tactics.”
  • That Obama’s early political patron (and longtime friend) the Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers still claims that attacks on private property (such as stores and banks) “are not acts of terrorism.”
  • That the same organizations which orchestrated the Occupy movement were involved in the riots in Seattle in 1999, and in the violent attacks on the Republican National Convention in 2008—where two anarchists were arrested just before they could deploy Molotov cocktails against police. Provocative attacks on policemen are routinely encouraged by Occupy leaders.
  • That Occupy activists coordinate with the hacker group Anonymous to intimidate police officers and skeptical journalists—breaking into their email accounts and revealing their personal information (including their home addresses) on the Internet.
  • That Occupy leaders did nothing to stop the wave of sexual assaults and dangerous drug use inside  their “encampments.”

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