Economy, Unemployment, Constitution, Nuclear Iran, Embassy Attacks: Bumps in the Road

“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”

“These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.  Move along” 

Pretty much sums up the Obama campaign and lamestream media this year.  Actually, its worse.  Obama isn’t really using a mind trick on the American people.  The press is doing that for him with their refusal to hold him accountable for anything.  No, Obama has a completely different campaign strategy.  He doesn’t just assume, he is counting on the American people being stupid.  By any measure, he has been a total failure as President.  Economic, domestic, foreign policy.  All major failures.  So he assumes the electorate is too stupid to fact check him.  8.1% unemployment – it could have been worse.  4 years of $1T deficits – bush tax cuts.  Obamacare – it depends what the definition of ‘tax’ is.  Iran going nuclear – no time for Israel, off to film The View.  Embassies attacked and our ambassador murdered – arrest a film maker who was (poorly) exercising his right of free speech.

Time and time again, how does the President talk about these issues? “Bumps in the Road”.   He has used that metaphor to describe the economy in the past.  He did it again this week to address the invasion of our embassies and murder of our citizens by terrorists.  “Bumps in the Road”.  The events of the past two weeks are nothing short of a culmination of this administrations policies over the past 4 years.  Starting with the US apology tour in his first year, to his announced retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan that have sent our former allies running to Iran and the Taliban, to his gutting of the American military, to his failure to embrace the democratic movement in Iran, to his failure in Libya and Egypt, ending with the death of four Americans… Bumps in the Road.

Nothing to see here people.  Let’s make up some lies about Romney to divert attention.

You know what else were bumps in the road?  The American electorate who twice sent clear messages to this administration (Scott Brown, 2010 mid terms) they wanted no part of Obamacare.  Too bad, they passed the largest tax increase in history, a bill no one read,  over the will of the people.  Other bumps?  The US Constitution.  Obama cries and whines about how the GOP won’t work with him.  Instead, he governs by fiat issuing executive orders in direct conflict with laws he took an oath to uphold and appoints unelected, unaccountable czars to run your life.

His autobiography was found to be full of lies.  Yawn.  His campaign lies.  They create narratives for Romney that don’t actually exist. They lie about their own record because the real one is a disaster and spew class warfare and division.  No one calls them on it.   Like a child that never gets punished, they get more bold with their lies to the American people.  He takes credit for anything that goes remotely right while assigning blame for everything else.  His definition of fairness is not one of equal opportunity, but one of redistributing the results after the hard work was done.  After all, you didn’t build that.   He talks openly about the redistribution of wealth, your wealth, your children’s wealth.   He calls that “shared sacrifice”.  It plays better in the press than “generational theft”.

He was to usher in a post-partisan era.  Yet, he has been the most bitterly divisive president in modern history.  He speaks of terrorists in calming tones.  He speaks of his fellow Americans in vile tones.

The Democratic convention was not about their ideas or plans for a second administration.  No.  They spent their three days talking about what awful, hateful, unpatriotic people the Republicans are.  They are Nazi’s. or worse.  They hate women, and more.  The democrats have been openly hostile to every religion except Islam.  They don’t want to win, they want to conquer.  Obama says when he wins his second term – Republican opposition will “pop like a blister”.   That is how he sees you my friends.  As a blister.  As an irritant to be eliminated, not a counter voice in our democracy.  You will be popped, you will be broken.  You are nothing more than a bump in the road.

Thomas Sowell has written some really great stuff this campaign season.  I found this article on at least 3 websites today. Enjoy:


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