White House insists emabassy attackes, murders were over a film, not anti-American protests; ongoing attacks suggest otherwise

James Carney has the worse job on the planet – and I don’t feel sorry for him at all

This link has the video of his latest lie:

“But this is not a case of protests directed at the United States writ large or at U.S. policy, but it is in response to video that is offensive and to Muslims,” said Carney.


Not Anti-American protests?  The violent mob  was chanting “Obama we are all Osama”.  That doesn’t sound like a movie review.  Sounds pretty anti-American to me.  Below I re-posted a Breitbart story from today.  In my mind, a perfect illustration of the result of smart diplomacy, a weakened military, an apologetic President and not being able to tell our friends from our enemies.  I just hope the State Department has issued warnings this time.


Tunisia:In Tunis, Islamist protestors jumped over the wall of the U.S. Embasy compound, broke windows and set fire to trees; police fired tear gas at the protestors in order to stop tem. % protestors were wounded. An American school has been set on fire.

Sudan: Gunfire was heard at the U.S. Embassy.  The German Embassy in Khartoum was invaded; 5000 protestors had circled the embassy as well as a nearby British mission. When the Islamists forced their way into the German Embassy, policemen simply stood aside.

Lebanon: One person was killed and two wounded when security forces fired on protestors in the northern city of Tripoli and a KFC was burned.

Yemen: Marines have been sent to the U.S. Embassy to ward off attacks.

Jordan: In the capital, Amman, members of the Islamist demonstrated in front of the U.S. Embassy holding up flags reading “Only one god and Mohammed is his Prophet”.

London: 200 protesters are burning USA and Israeli flags outside the US embassy in London

India: In Chennai, Muslim protesters burn a U.S. flag outside the U.S. Consulate-general.


Egypt: The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood actually called for a protest; protestors clashed with police in Cairo near the U.S. Embassy.

Jerusalem: a demonstration was held near Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City


Crowds were forming in Malaysia, Bangladesh and Iraq.


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