Were the Embassy attacks terror attacks or not? White House, Democratic Senators at odds

It is amazing we are debating this.  The White House is really going to stand behind this false narrative this was a reaction to a movie.  Sorry, Siskel and Ebert gave films two thumbs down when they didn’t like a movie.  These mobs were armed with automatic weapons, rocket propelled grenades and knew the location of our Ambassador.  Oh, and they coordinated the attacks on September 11th across four embassies chanting “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama”.  Sound like any film rebuke to you?

For just one second, I am going to suspend my intelligence and mindlessly follow the Lamestream media down Carney’s fantasy path.  Pretend this was a reaction to a movie.  Truly – that was the spark.  OK – the second they breached our embassy walls they became a hostile force.  The second our flag was removed, burned and replaced with the black AL Qaeda flag they became terrorists.  The second 4 Americans were killed, they became murders.  And the second the countries that host our embassies did not protect them, don’t prosecute the guilty or didn’t condemn these attacks they become terror sponsoring states, not allies.

That only took me 5 seconds to go from Carney’s idiocy to reality.  How in the world are our elected officials struggling with this?  What is worse – the fact we won’t take a hard line against these attacks only makes them grow stronger. Appeasement didn’t work with Nazi Germany and it won’t work now.

This administration has gone OUT OF ITS WAY to soften the message of these brutal terrorist attacks.  Yet they have no problem declaring a much needed debate on their attack of the Catholic Church, a Republican War on Women.  Paul Ryan was called a Nazi 4 times during the DNC.  Put y’all back in chains.  And on and on and on…

Which side are they on anyway?  At this point, that is a VERY fair question

Link to the map below, it refreshes as Obama’s smart diplomacy ignites throughout the middle east.




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