Holding Obama Accountable for the Economy – House votes to require Obama to submit plan to avoid sequester

The President is busy taking a break from his day job, you know, being President to rake in piles of money from donors.  One of his favorite sound bites has become how the Republicans are blocking him from getting anything done.  Sequester (Automatic and drastic cuts to our military to be enacted if a budget deal cannot be reached)  will be terrible.  He is but a victim to the process like the rest of us.

The man is President of the United States.  A reminder, he is running for re-election to that office.  To paraphrase Paul Ryan, the man assumed office 3.5 years ago, isn’t it time he assumed responsibility.  The Republican congress has passed, not proposed but passed several alternatives to sequester.  Don’t like them?  Pass an alternative in the Senate and let’s get to legislating.  But the Democrats can’t run a campaign on lies and falsehoods if they actually, you know, pass legislation.  So the Senate does nothing.  The President does nothing.  Well, not nothing, they blame everyone else.

Ture leadership ladies and gentlemen.

Rep Allen West of Florida sponsored a bill that would require the President to submit a plan.  You see, the press is running around demanding details from Romney on his tax plan as if he were already elected and it was being debated in committee.  Meanwhile, the President throws out a budget that didn’t receive a vote in Congress over the last two years – one that EVERYONE agrees explodes the debt.  One that contains new spending, new taxes, new everything – and the silence is deafening.

So the House is calling his bluff.  Show us your cards Mr President.  Show the American people your alternative.  Lead damn it.

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