The MO of the Radical Muslims

The reason the Radical Muslims attacked our embassies and killed our country men… has absolutely nothing to do with some unwatched movie… or some black and white cartoon.  They did it… because they hate us.  They hate everything that the USA stands for.  They hate our freedom.  They hate the freedom enjoyed by women, homosexuals et al.

This is the MO of the radical Muslims. They actively look to be offended. They can and are offended every day. They want to kill all of us. Being offended gives them some right to do so. I swear, there isn’t a single civil Muslim society. There is always a large faction running around killing people and a larger faction who silently agree. The rest are too scared or cowardly to do anything about it. It really is as simple as that.

If it wasn’t for oil… There is absolute NOTHING the countries in that region of the world contribute to the world. NOTHING.  Name one damn thing!  If we would utilize our own oil resources instead of theirs we could truly isolate that region.  As long as we can keep those nations from getting a nukes… we can happily live our lives without communications with them.

Until these Muslim societies go through their renaissance and develop into civil societies this killing in the name of the Muhammad will continue.  The entire “Arab Spring” facade was exactly that.  It wasn’t a democratic uprising as conservative were repeatedly saying.  Just a different militant group leading these countries. Remember this completely undeniable point… there can be no “Democracy” in a non-civil society. 


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