“A Right” is based on the simple unarguable FACT that a need is not a claim on someone else’s life.” You have no RIGHT to another person’s life, liberty, or property.

How can that be any clearer???   How can you have a right to another human being and his labors?  If I need a house… how can I compel someone to get me one? Now follow me here… there are only 4 ways.

1. Build it myself
2. Trade fair value for fair value and have someone build me one
3. Beg and plead to someone else’s charity to build me one for free
3. Use force to make someone build me one

It’s that simple. Every “need” can always be broken down into this simple premise. It’s logic. It can be no other way.

And understand people..the GOVERNMENT is that force… the government is the one with the guns to compel you… you the producers… you the ones that follow the rules… you the ones that have made something of your lives.. you will be the ones the government and the liberals turn their guns on.

You don’t believe me? Only pay the portion of your taxes that you think go to basic government needs and not “transfer payments” and “entitlements” to other Americans… and wait and see what happens. At some point… men with GUNS will show up at your door. If you don’t comply.. you will be imprisoned. Do you think for one single second this is what the Founding Fathers envisioned?

If I NEED something… that needs to be provided by SOMEONE ELSE… how can that possibly be a right???

It can’t.

It’s not logical.

Maybe that’s the left’s hangup.


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