Asked to work a 7 hour day, Chicago teachers go on strike

Yep, you read that right.  Forget for a minute nowhere in the private sector would a group who ranks near the bottom in performance, in a company that is going bankrupt go on strike for a raise and shorter work week and fewer performance measures.  Well, not without getting fired anyway.   But this isn’t the private sector.  It’s the Public Unions.  It’s Chicago, Illinois where reality is suspended and the taxpayer is an ATM for membership.

The current school day for a teacher in Chicago public schools is 5 hours, 45 minutes. 

That totals just over 1,000 teaching hours a year. 

Half the working hours of the average work week in the private sector

And they went on strike. 

Take a long look – This is what healthcare will look like under Obamacare.   Patients trapped in a system.  Public Unions driving up costs.  Courtesy of the people that brought you the Department of Motor Vehicles…


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