Leadership – A choice

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney issued a statement about Monday’s teachers’ strike in Chicago:

I am disappointed by the decision of the Chicago Teachers Union to turn its back on not only a city negotiating in good faith but also the hundreds of thousands of children relying on the city’s public schools to provide them a safe place to receive a strong education. Teachers unions have too often made plain that their interests conflict with those of our children, and today we are seeing one of the clearest examples yet. President Obama has chosen his side in this fight, sending his Vice President last year to assure the nation’s largest teachers union that “you should have no doubt about my affection for you and the President’s commitment to you.” I choose to side with the parents and students depending on public schools to give them the skills to succeed, and my plan for education reform will do exactly that.



White House spokesman Jay Carney says President Barack Obama has no comment on the teacher strike in Chicago:

The president, as I think you just heard from me, has not expressed any opinion or made any assessment about this particular incident.”


So here is yet another public union trying to bleed a city dry and nobama has no opinion.  Perfect example of all that is wrong with this administration.  He needs the teacher’s union to help get the vote out in November so he can’t say a bad word about them.  OH WAIT, he also needs Rahm to raise money for his campaign so he can’t say a bad word about him either.

When Democrats sit on both sides of the bargaining table – the Taxpayer loses


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