Coming to a Local, City, State or Federal Government Near You…

The teachers strike in Chicago is a perfect example of public unions holding the rest of us hostage over demands that are bankrupting the country.  The timing is so – “in your face” too.  They went on strike the Monday after the Government informed us national unemployment is above 8% for the 43rd consecutive month.   They turned down a 16% salary increase over 4 years at a time when average income for Americans has declined under Nobama.  As long as they get theirs, the heck with the rest of us.

Remember, you’re ‘investing’ in your kids future…

Some interesting data points on your investment:

  • The average salary for a teacher in Chicago – $76K before benefits.  The highest in the nation
  • The average family in Chicago earns $47K (presumably without summers off)
  • In Illinois over the last 5 years, 71 cents of every dollar spent on education has gone to retirement costs – read that again.  Only 29 cents are going to actually educate the kids
  • Any wonder that only 56% of students entering Chicago high schools graduate
  • Or that only 15% of 4th graders read at their level
  • Chicago teachers only contribute 3% to their own health care coverage – how much do you contribute?
  • Rahm Emanuel and President Nobama send their kids to private school.

The showdown in Chicago will be a test of just how much clout the public-employee unions wield at a time when the budget pressures they’ve created threaten to break the budgets of America’s major cities.


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