Fact Checkers of the World – Unite

Where are the palace guard, lamsestream media fact checkers that parsed every word uttered by the GOP last week?  Where did they go?  Will SOMEONE PLEASE call out Nobama for his lies and nonsense.  The most prolific spender ever to occupy the White House is talking fiscal responsibility even as he steers us towards financial ruin.

Once again, the President claims to have cut $4T from our debt.
FACT:  The census bureau reports median income in the US was $54,983K when Nobama took office.  Today, it stands at $50, 964.  We have effectively lost ONE MONTH of income

FACT:  The numbers the President cited come from his proposed budget. The same one that did not receive any votes, from either party, in either the House or Senate the past two years

FACT: Cutting imaginary money from future budgets does NOTHING to help reduce the current $16T national debt.  Especially not to the very REAL cost of the interest payments on that debt.

FACT:  The Senate has not passed a budget in 3 years.  They are required to by law, but have simply ignored their obligation to the American people.

FACT:  Current Federal spending exceeds money confiscated from US citizens by OVER $1T a year during the President’s tenure in office.  He has presided over an INCREASE of $5.5T in national debt. 

FACT:  None of our debt calculations reflect the TRUE cost of Nobamacare which is already projected to cost 2X more than the original CBO estimates

FACT: Nobamacare is the single largest increase in taxes ever imposed on the American people

FACT: The only real spending the President has cut is military spending

FACT:  Our AAA credit rating was downgraded as a result of this financial irresponsibility

FACT: 23M Americans are out of work.  47M are on food stamps

FACT:  HIS policies are the failed policies that got us into this mess:  California, Illinois, France, Greece, Spain, The United Kingdom have all tried pieces, parts or all of his entitlement agenda and they have failed.  They are either broke, going broke, have stagnant economies, social unrest, declining services and a lower tax base despite crippling tax rates.  Some have all of the above.

OPINION: This is Nobama’s vision to transform American.  One giant entitlement state.  Government central planning.  You’re kidding yourself if you think a second term would do anything but accelerate this decline.


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